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Updated the Ribbon Dress for Genre.

3 Galaxy/3 CatBat colours, all in one HUD, and a Kemono size too!

Currently exclusive to the event, but will be in the stores after it ends on Nov 12th.

I’ve taken the old dresses down for the moment, until I can get them updated - will send out free updates when the time comes.



Okay so, maybe Im stupid and just didnt read these two posts right…but



In one Post, she says she doesnt do Rigged mesh…because…

Shes just ignorant about mesh and has no idea whats shes doing.

Tada, explained.

Have you noticed that since she switched over to mesh avatars, not a single one looks to be her art style at all? I noticed.

Her feet and legs are all shaped funny. The Husky for example has feet that are her art style, if you look at her drawings, they’re shaped just like something she drew. The mesh looks so different, it looks like somebody else did it. The foxes legs are twiggy and there are odd ‘fur’ tufts on the heels? cant put scales or customize them because there fur isn’t removable.

She pitches fits about new trends and has problems keeping up. In her defense, i had issues learning to texture mesh aswell when it first came out.

But the fact that shes just completely refusing to do rigged things isnt because ‘customization’. I have a feeling its because shes already rolling in money shes too lazy to learn to rig. And if she can rig, shes just too lazy to actually do it xD

DSD actually offered three differint legs when they release an avatar, rigged, un-rigged, and alpha’ed legs that show just the toes so you can wear pants and not worry about the legs poking through.

There’s no excuse as to why Sylver cant include some rigged and un-rigged legs.

Oken does it and he actually responds very well to criticism and goes out of his way to make products easier for people to use.

Not to mention his customer support is Bammin Slammin Bootylicious. 

Calling somebody lazy when avatars take multiple months of work? Ouch. I’m not comfortable reading that.

Legs and feet are a little complicated - segmented vs single-piece, there are differences in the UV maps that make converting between the two troublesome. As long as the join isn’t too obvious, I don’t care how it’s done - they just need to be able to work with pants & legwarmers. Unrigged single-piece legs/feet are completely useless to me.

As for the fluff on KZK mesh legs - they’re on their own faces - set ‘em transparent and carry on.

(I dunno, I just felt like blurting out my thoughts; avatar discussion can get heated…)


Made something for myself. I’m expecting her to evolve into something more as time goes on.
I couldn’t find suitable clothing for her so she’s naked. :C

+1 would buy as a mod (I’d add monster hands and feet; can’t see very well in the pics!) *-*d

That feeling when you enter an event, go to set up and it’s actually quite a lot bigger than you anticipated. 8D omgg

Cross-applier support for Nauha


Welp, I guess someone beat me to the punch!


Good Jerb!

YES \o/

Now I can just make Omega appliers for my old layer clothing :D





that feel when it’s 100000000000000000% easier to make female avatars than male avatars



If it isn’t, do you have a guide to flat chested mesh clothing for female base?

That’s practically all I wear, so I have a few tips. Not going to bother with pants since that’s simple: fitted mesh female pants, or at least, small female pants without the booty. Or with the booty, if that’s what you prefer.

1. And most important, is to understand what you have to work with. Do not expect ten tons of flat chested clothing. This body type was left in the dust with the advent of mesh, whereas pre-mesh era male clothes, as long as they’re mod, will fit. Do not plan a specific look before finding the clothes for it, because chances are, they don’t exist in mesh.

2. Stores that sell mesh that are actually shaped to this body type:

  • POMF specifically caters to this body type.
  • Some of DERP/PAWNCH ‘s new items have flat chests.
  • Apricot Paws has flat chests.
  • Did you know that Meli Imako actually makes some flat chested full perms? Just search “flat” in her shop.
  • Krautuve is a store that uses some of the full perm flat meshes from Meli.

3. Kid avatars are often flat chested female bases, so actually look in the kids clothes section! Your biggest problem here is if you’re like me and are generally a bit buffer than your average SL femboy, the arms may be hard to fit- kids arms are thin.

  • While the quality of Loki's clothes don't always sit well well with me,  they definitely have a lot of basic clothes.
  • Soken Kids Mesh has freebies and variety of clothes, too, and while there are really kiddish designs, there are some that do work on a more mature avatar. Or I’m mentally 12. That too.
  • I do not think Toddledoo clothes fit, please don’t try this.
  • Meli Imako (linked above) also makes some kid meshes.

4. Fitted mesh is your friend. FITTED MESH IS YOUR FRIEND

  • Try demos of fitted mesh for guy clothes. Sometimes there are parts that scrunch up or look strange and still bulky.
  • Fitted mesh clothes with boobs is bad, it won’t work, don’t try it, nono, the shading is wrong anyways.
  • Redgrave has a selection of fitted mesh men’s clothes.
  • Swagga has some neat clothes.
  • Grasp has some fitted mesh clothes. Also, their prim clothes are nice.

5. Some (very few) male meshes will work. Look for slim-fit, XS, XXS, and clothes that would be baggy anyways.

  • Open hoodies/jackets are good. My favorite is from Guarded Cross.
  • My second favorite is from Razor. Not all their male clothing will fit, but some will.
  • The Aviator Jacket from Gizza is alright.
  • The Aaron Jacket from R3volt is nice.
  • Not my style very often, but AITUI’s clothes do run fairly slim in places that matter. My favorite top there is The Seer’s Tower.

Hopefully this guide helps a bit.

Also, these might work on the Avatar 2.0/U&A/flat chested Nauha.

Good guide; deserves a reblog!

Will get back to the crop jacket, but the main goal for now is to make a few new colours of the Ribbon Dress - and I ended up doing a Kemono size for that too.


MALE SKIN APPLIERS FOR THE NAUHA :DD i totally didnt buy a psd for this

That’s actually really cool-looking with a more realistic skin on it :o


am i being over-sensitive if i feel insulted when someone holds a purchase over my head?  like “i’ll buy your item if you do this”.

"I’ll give you 10c if you add this feature which will take time to do!"


Nauha mesh body \o/

There is some shading funniness going on at the groin and the human head - doesn’t make sense to me, and doesn’t happen in all lighting conditions.

Alphas are just about perfect!

I like the way the breasts are done. Several different shapes/sizes can be set in the HUD, and from there I can still change the size and position on my shape. Too bad if somebody wants to wear the included bikini with the biggest size though, they snap open… which amuses me c_c

Striped Cargo Pants really don’t fit at all (hips too wide on them), might look into getting them to fit in the future.